Look at how we limit the Lord by only remembering what we have allowed Him to do for us in the past. We say, “I always failed there, and I always will.” Consequently, we don’t ask for what we want. Instead, we think, “It is ridiculous to ask God to do this.” If it is an impossibility, it is the very thing for which we have to ask. If it is not an impossible thing, it is not a real disturbance. And God will do what is absolutely impossible.

This man received his sight. But the most impossible thing for you is to be so closely identified with the Lord that there is literally nothing of your old life remaining. God will do it if you will ask Him. But you have to come to the point of believing Him to be almighty. We find faith by not only believing what Jesus says, but, even more, by trusting Jesus Himself. If we only look at what He says, we will never believe. Once we see Jesus, the impossible things He does in our lives become as natural as breathing. The agony we suffer is only the result of the deliberate shallowness of our own heart. We won’t believe; we won’t let go by severing the line that secures the boat to the shore— we prefer to worry.


February 29, 2016

Journal Entry for Today-JDV

Good morning God and thank You for the reminder about rescue. Thank You for nudging me to recall how You meet me right at the point of my need and that there is nothing in my life too large or small to surrender to You. I sometimes forget that I am to acknowledge You in ALL my ways. I sometimes think that You would not like to be involved in this area of my life, or that area. I forget that that You want me to surrender my entire life, all my wants, needs, hopes and dreams to You every day, hour and minute of the day. Thank You for this devotional reminder.

And God says…”As you recall the scripture, acknowledge Me in all your ways, do not rely on your own understanding, skills or talents, and I will make your paths straight. Seek first the kingdom of God which is Jesus and I will make provision for everything else you require. It is right and proper for you to seek Me and to trust Me to meet all your needs according to My riches in glory. Do not separate your worldly needs into categories: This one is yours that one is mine; you have skills in one area, you will handle your needs there, and give me the needs you could not possibly secure. The way to live the abundant life I promise is to surrender all your needs to Me, and trust that I will arrange and work out all things together for your good. If I would not spare my own Son, how is it that I would withhold any good thing from you? So like the blind man, shout out your needs, wants, hopes, desires to Me. Delight yourself in Me and allow Me to give you the desires of your heart.”