What To Do When Your Burden Is Overwhelming

April 13th, 2016 by JDVaughn Leave a reply »

Cast your burden on the Lord… —Psalm 55:22

We must recognize the difference between burdens that are right for us to bear and burdens that are wrong. We should never bear the burdens of sin or doubt, but there are some burdens placed on us by God which He does not intend to lift off. God wants us to roll them back on Him— to literally “cast your burden,” which He has given you, “on the Lord….” If we set out to serve God and do His work but get out of touch with Him, the sense of responsibility we feel will be overwhelming and defeating. But if we will only roll back on God the burdens He has placed on us, He will take away that immense feeling of responsibility, replacing it with an awareness and understanding of Himself and His presence.
Many servants set out to serve God with great courage and with the right motives. But with no intimate fellowship with Jesus Christ, they are soon defeated. They do not know what to do with their burden, and it produces weariness in their lives. Others will see this and say, “What a sad end to something that had such a great beginning!”
“Cast your burden on the Lord….” You have been bearing it all, but you need to deliberately place one end on God’s shoulder. “…the government will be upon His shoulder” (Isaiah 9:6). Commit to God whatever burden He has placed on you. Don’t just cast it aside, but put it over onto Him and place yourself there with it. You will see that your burden is then lightened by the sense of companionship. But you should never try to separate yourself from your burden.



April 13 2016

Journal Entry for Today-JDV

Good afternoon Lord and thank you for this devotional and the music. The song seemed to put it in context for me; namely that You are my Deliverer not only for my salvation and right standing with You, but that You are also my Deliverer in all the difficulties, circumstances and uncertainty that tries to suffocate me. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the vicissitudes of circumstances and concerns of this life, and then I remember that You are indeed my Deliverer. All I need do is let go of my circumstances and concerns, and surrender them all to You.

And God says…”I came to give you life and life more abundant however; I know it is easy to become overwhelmed by the trials of the world. But you have the Holy Spirit living inside of you, reminding you that you are mine. And you know that I work all things together for your good. You know that you never have to “measure up” in order to receive my blessings and gifts; Jesus has “measured up” for you. Seek first the kingdom of God, which is Jesus, and I will provide everything else you require for daily living. Knock and the door will be answered. Seek and you shall find. If I would not withhold My own Son, how can you imagine I would not also give you every good thing? When you feel overwhelmed by the world just remember, that Jesus overcame the world, and His victory is to be shared by and with all my children.”


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