Taking the Initiative Against Depression

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February 17, 2011
Arise and eat—1 Kings 19:5

The angel in this passage did not give Elijah a vision, or explain the Scriptures to him, or do anything remarkable. He simply told Elijah to do a very ordinary thing, that is, to get up and eat. If we were never depressed, we would not be alive—only material things don’t suffer depression. If human beings were not capable of depression, we would have no capacity for happiness and exaltation. There are things in life that are designed to depress us; for example, things that are associated with death. Whenever you examine yourself, always take into account your capacity for depression.

When the Spirit of God comes to us, He does not give us glorious visions, but He tells us to do the most ordinary things imaginable. Depression tends to turn us away from the everyday things of God’s creation. But whenever God steps in, His inspiration is to do the most natural, simple things-things we would never have imagined God was in, but as we do them we find Him there. The inspiration that comes to us in this way is an initiative against depression. But we must take the first step and do it in the inspiration of God. If, however, we do something simply to overcome our depression, we will only deepen it. But when the Spirit of God leads us instinctively to do something, the moment we do it the depression is gone. As soon as we arise and obey, we enter a higher plane of life.


February 17, 2011

Journal Entry for Today-JDV

I have never known a world without my brother in it. It all looks the same but there is a space in my heart that is his space. He was not around a great deal but there was a space in my heart nonetheless, and he filled that space whether he was close by or gallivanting around the desert.  I wonder what to do with that space?

And God says…”Fill his space with Me. Fill every space in your heart with Me. Fill the space for your father, brother and friends with Me. Not just the spaces held by memories- fill the space in your heart and mind for all those you love. Fill the spaces in your heart with Me.  When you give them love or water and warmth, you are giving it to Me. When you extend the love, hope and courage that I give you, you honor Me, and the space that you thought was empty is filled to overflowing.”

Journal  2 17 11 DJR

Good Morning Lord,  The bottom line today seems to be that when we obey … things get better … even if the circumstances dont change.   The missing link sometimes is not hearing the voice to obey.    And then we are back to connection.   And all that can prevent it, like busyness, self focus, etc and all that can promote it, like devotion, worship, meditation and an expectation to hear and obey.     What have I most been missing?  I dont really do that much flat out disobedience, but I dont feel like I’ve been hearing as well as we would like.    I’m sure I just run right by opportunities for hearing and obeying every day…..

You have that right and the first step is seeing and acknowledging it … so congratulations…   Start today.   Go expecting to hear.   And listen.   And I will speak.

OK,  I choose to trust you.   I love you.


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