Maintaining the Proper Relationship

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March 25, 2011
. . . the friend of the bridegroom . . . —John 3:29

Goodness and purity should never be traits that draw attention to themselves, but should simply be magnets that draw people to Jesus Christ. If my holiness is not drawing others to Him, it is not the right kind of holiness; it is only an influence which awakens undue emotions and evil desires in people and diverts them from heading in the right direction. A person who is a beautiful saint can be a hindrance in leading people to the Lord by presenting only what Christ has done for him, instead of presenting Jesus Christ Himself. Others will be left with this thought— “What a fine person that man is!” That is not being a true “friend of the bridegroom”— I am increasing all the time; He is not.

To maintain this friendship and faithfulness to the Bridegroom, we have to be more careful to have the moral and vital relationship to Him above everything else, including obedience. Sometimes there is nothing to obey and our only task is to maintain a vital connection with Jesus Christ, seeing that nothing interferes with it. Only occasionally is it a matter of obedience. At those times when a crisis arises, we have to find out what God’s will is. Yet most of our life is not spent in trying to be consciously obedient, but in maintaining this relationship— being the “friend of the bridegroom.” Christian work can actually be a means of diverting a person’s focus away from Jesus Christ. Instead of being friends “of the bridegroom,” we may become amateur providences of God to someone else, working against Him while we use His weapons.


March 25, 2011

Journal Entry for Today-JDV

I am learning that my service is not what I believe to be right and proper…or even what needs to be done to help others. If I am to be a servant of God and others, once again I must give myself up.  God will give me the direction. He will direct me and provide the outcomes He desires. I am not even to judge the outcome; was that person helped, did he or she come to Christ,  did we attract larger numbers of attendees to church, did we collect a larger offering, what did the homeless man do with the money I gave him? All these questions I would ask were designed to allow me to judge the value of my service, work or offerings. God is teaching me that I am not to even consider the outcomes; my role is to simply be obedient to His direction. He is responsible for the result.

And God says…”Trust in Me in all your ways and do not rely on your own understanding …..My ways are not your ways. I am the potter you are the clay, is the clay to ask the potter the future outcome? Keep your eyes on Jesus, trust in Me and watch as I weave remarkable outcomes in your life and the lives of others over time. But do not try to understand the bits and pieces of this life and then evaluate your impact by the “good” you think you do. We will discuss your service when we are together in eternity. Simply rest in Me, be available and follow the only two commandments Jesus gave you; love Me with all your heart, mind and soul and love your neighbor as yourself. Everything else belongs to Me.”


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