Our Lord’s Surprise Visits

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March 29, 2011
You also be ready . . . —Luke 12:40

A Christian worker’s greatest need is a readiness to face Jesus Christ at any and every turn. This is not easy, no matter what our experience has been. This battle is not against sin, difficulties, or circumstances, but against being so absorbed in our service to Jesus Christ that we are not ready to face Jesus Himself at every turn. The greatest need is not facing our beliefs or doctrines, or even facing the question of whether or not we are of any use to Him, but the need is to face Him.

Jesus rarely comes where we expect Him; He appears where we least expect Him, and always in the most illogical situations. The only way a servant can remain true to God is to be ready for the Lord’s surprise visits. This readiness will not be brought about by service, but through intense spiritual reality, expecting Jesus Christ at every turn. This sense of expectation will give our life the attitude of childlike wonder He wants it to have. If we are going to be ready for Jesus Christ, we have to stop being religious. In other words, we must stop using religion as if it were some kind of a lofty lifestyle-we must be spiritually real.

If you are avoiding the call of the religious thinking of today’s world, and instead are “looking unto Jesus” (Hebrews 12:2), setting your heart on what He wants, and thinking His thoughts, you will be considered impractical and a daydreamer. But when He suddenly appears in the work of the heat of the day, you will be the only one who is ready. You should trust no one, and even ignore the finest saint on earth if he blocks your sight of Jesus Christ.


March 29 2011

Journal Entry for Today-JDV

It has occurred to me that I am not to wait on the Lord in the sense that I stand still waiting on Him to show up so that I can finally move or take some action, but that I am to live fully and completely expecting Him to show up at every turn. I am to step out in faith expecting Him to be there all the time, at every turn.  I am to live life fully even though there are great big question marks in the future of my life. Whenever I try to answer all the questions or address all the uncertainties before I move, I am not allowing God room to operate in my life. 

And God Says…”You try to control the uncertainty in your life so that you will not be required to live by faith. You would rather live by sight and certainty than by faith.  You want to be sure before you step out into service or change. Where is the faith in that? Without faith it is impossible to please Me, without faith you cannot access our relationship.”

“Your faith will grow as you expect Me to intercept your life day by day, hour by hour, and minute by minute. With a growing and developing faith, you will grow confident in our relationship and trust Me even more. And as a result your life can become a life of faith, hope and joy as you trust in Me. Trust in Me with all your heart and do not rely on your own understanding and I will make your paths straight. If you are to live life in joy and happiness and peace, you are to live moving forward step by step believing that I have your next step in My control and care.”


A Beautiful Musical Interlude for relection and prayer:


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