“Do You Now Believe?”

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’By this we believe . . . .’ Jesus answered them, ’Do you now believe?’ —John 16:30-31

Now we believe. . . .” But Jesus asks, “Do you . . . ? Indeed the hour is coming . . . that you . . . will leave Me alone” (John 16:31-32). Many Christian workers have left Jesus Christ alone and yet tried to serve Him out of a sense of duty, or because they sense a need as a result of their own discernment. The reason for this is actually the absence of the resurrection life of Jesus. Our soul has gotten out of intimate contact with God by leaning on our own religious understanding (see Proverbs 3:5-6). This is not deliberate sin and there is no punishment attached to it. But once a person realizes how he has hindered his understanding of Jesus Christ, and caused uncertainties, sorrows, and difficulties for himself, it is with shame and remorse that he has to return.

We need to rely on the resurrection life of Jesus on a much deeper level than we do now. We should get in the habit of continually seeking His counsel on everything, instead of making our own commonsense decisions and then asking Him to bless them. He cannot bless them; it is not in His realm to do so, and those decisions are severed from reality. If we do something simply out of a sense of duty, we are trying to live up to a standard that competes with Jesus Christ. We become a prideful, arrogant person, thinking we know what to do in every situation. We have put our sense of duty on the throne of our life, instead of enthroning the resurrection life of Jesus. We are not told to “walk in the light” of our conscience or in the light of a sense of duty, but to “walk in the light asHe is in the light. . .” (1 John 1:7). When we do something out of a sense of duty, it is easy to explain the reasons for our actions to others. But when we do something out of obedience to the Lord, there can be no other explanation-just obedience. That is why a saint can be so easily ridiculed and misunderstood.


February 28, 2012

Journal for Today-JDV

Lord, David and I see “trust and obey” a bit differently based on our upbringing. And You have transformed my thinking in this area. When I was growing up I viewed “obey” as a stern, dogmatic order from someone with power over me that demanded I conform to their idea of what I should do, be and desire for my life.  And predictably, I rebelled at this notion. Why would I want to conform to someone else’s idea of who I should be, do and desire for my life?

But over time you showed me that my obedience results in living in Your will, and living in Your will results in life more abundantly. You are not the stern parent trying to make me conform to Your idea of what is right and wrong for my life. You are my loving father that loves me so much, that You give me direction and guidance that allows me to find peace, happiness and
purpose, regardless of my circumstance.

And God says…”I desire an intimate and loving relationship with you. And I know that we can walk in intimate dialog when you are walking in My will protected and secure. When you choose to follow your own ideas of right and wrong, and trust yourself, instead of Me, you break away from My perfect will for your life, and live outside of the peace, happiness and purpose I have provided. When I ask you to obey, it is not for my benefit or any kind of grading system to determine if you are good or not, that was taken care of by Jesus; your obedience is for your benefit and blessing. When you trust and obey regardless of your circumstances, you live life and life more abundantly.”


Journal DJR
Good Morning, Lord.
Some of us have a tendency to assume that all sins have specific penalties attached to them … and when we commit one (or more) we are waiting for the “shoe to drop” Grace gets lost as we focus too much on the quid pro quo or tit for tat aspect of sin and punishment.

You were all raised by imperfect parents … some more imperfect than others, But my love for you is perfect. I dont parent with a big stick. And my Grace, which is based on Jesus sacrifice covers all of your sins … even the ones you haven’t committed yet. It’s also true that consequences happen. It’s called sowing and reaping and the Universe is put together that way. What you sow, you will reap. Because I love you, I gave some guidelines about how to live and reap the best and avoid the worst. They got called “Commandments” but they are suggestions for the best way for my kids to live. You can follow the suggestions and life will be better. When you choose not to and plant bad seed, I am not “punishing” you … You have just stepped in line for the natural harvest of that seed.

Can I pray for a “crop failure?”

Yes, that’s what my Grace is all about. Crop Failure. The crop of sin first planted by rebellion in Eden and followed by you and every human since then … Bad seeds leading to bad crops. But the sacrifice of my Son covers them all.

So the blood of Jesus is like Weed Killer?

You could look at it that way.

Thank You. Word pictures like that help me. We need to talk more about this.

I would love nothing more … I’m ready when you are.


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