Am I Blessed Like This?

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Blessed are . . . —Matthew 5:3-11

When we first read the statements of Jesus, they seem wonderfully simple and unstartling, and they sink unnoticed into our subconscious minds. For instance, the Beatitudes initially seem to be merely soothing and beautiful precepts for overly spiritual and seemingly useless people, but of very little practical use in the rigid, fast-paced workdays of the world in which we live. We soon find, however, that the Beatitudes contain the “dynamite” of the Holy Spirit. And they “explode” when the circumstances of our lives cause them to do so. When the Holy Spirit brings to our remembrance one of the Beatitudes, we say, “What a startling statement that is!” Then we must decide whether or not we will accept the tremendous spiritual upheaval that will be produced in our circumstances if we obey His words. That is the way the Spirit of God works. We do not need to be born again to apply the Sermon on the Mount literally. The literal interpretation of the Sermon on the Mount is as easy as child’s play. But the interpretation by the Spirit of God as He applies our Lord’s statements to our circumstances is the strict and difficult work of a saint.

The teachings of Jesus are all out of proportion when compared to our natural way of looking at things, and they come to us initially with astonishing discomfort. We gradually have to conform our walk and conversation to the precepts of Jesus Christ as the Holy Spirit applies them to our circumstances. The Sermon on the Mount is not a set of rules and regulations— it is a picture of the life we will live when the Holy Spirit is having His unhindered way with us.



July 25, 2012

Journal Entry for Today-JDV

Lord if I am, as the song says, to “live like that”; it seems to me that it will take a miracle. I know it requires take the miraculous work of the Holy Spirit. Love my enemies, give, do not get angry with those that persecute me, be pure of heart, seek righteousness… meekness and know that heavenly rewards for insults and slander here on earth will be substantial. These are difficult, if not impossible, precepts for me to live day in and day out Lord.   And just when I think I have conquered one failing, another pops up and reminds me of how weak I really am. If I am to really, “live like that” Lord, You will need to live through me.

And God says…”That is the plan. I sent Jesus to live through you. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life…and light. His sacrifice and the work of the Holy Spirit in and through your life can make the beatitudes a reality, over time. You are so impatient, you want to experience the transformation in a year or two or three or even ten or  twenty or even fifty years. These are miniscule specks of time over the course of eternity. Trust in the Lord and let me be responsible for your transformed life. Let me own the timetables and transformation. I began the good work in you; don’t you know that I will complete it? Remember too that a work that began with love, and grace and mercy does need any of your help. You are not required to “measure up” you are simply called to surrender. Live in the freedom of that life today and every day. All you need do is surrender.”


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