The Dilemma of Obedience

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Samuel was afraid to tell Eli the vision —1 Samuel 3:15

God never speaks to us in dramatic ways, but in ways that are easy to misunderstand. Then we say, “I wonder if that is God’s voice?” Isaiah said that the Lord spoke to him “with a strong hand,” that is, by the pressure of his circumstances (Isaiah 8:11). Without the sovereign hand of God Himself, nothing touches our lives. Do we discern His hand at work, or do we see things as mere occurrences?

Get into the habit of saying, “Speak, Lord,” and life will become a romance (1 Samuel 3:9). Every time circumstances press in on you, say, “Speak, Lord,” and make time to listen. Chastening is more than a means of discipline— it is meant to bring me to the point of saying, “Speak, Lord.” Think back to a time when God spoke to you. Do you remember what He said? Was it Luke 11:13 , or was it 1 Thessalonians 5:23? As we listen, our ears become more sensitive, and like Jesus, we will hear God all the time.

Should I tell my “Eli” what God has shown to me? This is where the dilemma of obedience hits us. We disobey God by becoming amateur providences and thinking, “I must shield ’Eli,’ ” who represents the best people we know. God did not tell Samuel to tell Eli— he had to decide that for himself. God’s message to you may hurt your “Eli,” but trying to prevent suffering in another’s life will prove to be an obstruction between your soul and God. It is at your own risk that you prevent someone’s right hand being cut off or right eye being plucked out (see Matthew 5:29-30).

Never ask another person’s advice about anything God makes you decide before Him. If you ask advice, you will almost always side with Satan. “. . . I did not immediately confer with flesh and blood . . .” (Galatians 1:16).

Journal DJR
Good morning Lord, I think we would all like the life described as a romance and an adventure. The prescription given here, saying “Speak, Lord” & waiting … seems so simple … why cant we walk in that way more?
Busyness, Prosperity, and Options are the main deterrents from a life of romance and adventure with me. You, in America, have too much of all of that and I get the short end of your attention. It’s not so much that way with other believers in other places that I’ve shown you. But their walk is not your concern. You are where you are and I have you there. It is time to learn to walk that romantic adventure right where you are.
Is it possible to keep all the things I have going and still learn to hear your voice.
Of course it is possible but it is the wrong question. You should press in to me and the romance rather than trying to keep going with as many distractions as you can get away with.
Got it. I’ve been sensing that it is time to slash the schedule and re arrange some priorities. Please help me do that. I’m listening …. Help me listen. Whatever form that takes.


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